What are the best SQL courses on Udemy?

Best SQL courses on Udemy:-

Want to learn Structured Query Language (SQL), but have no idea where to start from? You are at the perfect place looking for your answers, As we are here with some of the best SQL courses on Udemy.

Structured Query Language or SQL was the very first commercial language used for the database management system. SQL is a domain specific, procedural, high level programming language used to establish communication with the database. It is used for relational database creation and management. It was designed to maintain and manipulate different relational databases with ease. One of the most tricky part of learning databases is the art of writing Database queries and here are some of the best SQL courses on Udemy to help you learn how to write these queries and manage your database.

1. The Complete SQL Boot camp 2020: Go from Zero to Hero

This Udemy Course you will learn how to read and write complex SQL queries to a database using one of the most in demanded skill i.e. PostgreSQL. In this course, you will learn quickly and receive challenges and tests along the way to improve your understanding for different topics.

What you will learn:

  • Using SQL to query a database
  • Using SQL to perform data analysis
  • Learn to perform grouping operations using GROUP BY statements
  • Replicate real world situations and query reports
  • Learn Working on Projects SQL and PostgreSQL and add same to your resume

2. The Ultimate MySQL Boot camp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert

This Udemy course offers a comprehensive introduction to MySQL, one of the most highly in-demand skills in the business sector today. This course is also full of exercises, challenges, projects, and opportunities at the end of each unit for you to practice what you are learning. You can apply what all you have learned in this course to many real world challenges and mark your progress.

What you will learn:

  • Create your own database
  • Learn interacting with existing databases
  • Learn Writing complex SQL queries across multiple tables
  • Building a web application using NodeJS and MySQL
  • Answer company performance or sales questions using data

3. SQL – MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

This Udemy Course is designed for very beginners even if you do not have any prior knowledge of then then do not worry it will start from the very basics and gradually teach you everything you need to know step by step. You will gain practical as well as theoretical insights about very topics and will learn how to implement the same by working on various demo drills, practice exercises and projects.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to code in SQL
  • Create, design, and operate with SQL databases
  • Adopt professionally tested SQL best practices
  • Gain theoretical insights about relational databases
  • Learn how to create a database from scratch
  • Learn the ability to take control of your datasets from insert, update, and delete records from your database
  • Handle complex SQL joins with ease
  • Learn more advanced topics in programming like SQL’s triggers, sequences, local and global variables, indexes, and more
  • Developing business intuition while solving tasks with big data

4. SQL and Database Design A-Z: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL

In this Udemy course, you will learn how to create various queries in a popular variation of SQL popularly called PostgreSQL. It will help you learn creating SQL Queries and Normalize different Databases through various practice drills and demo projects. It is designed for complete beginners with the Data Scientists and Analysts in mind, so if you want to propel your Data Science career.

What you will learn:

  • Creating basic SQL Queries
  • Creating advanced SQL Queries
  • Creating Left, Right, Inner and Full Outer joins
  • Create new tables, alter existing tables in Databases
  • Normalize Databases
  • Understanding database design
  • Understanding first, second and third normal form schemas

5. MySQL, SQL and Stored Procedures from Beginner to Advanced

This Udemy Course you will begin by learning the basics of creating, querying, and adding data to databases using SQL with MySQL. You will learn how you can link different relational tables and how to design databases visually using the free MySQL Workbench client tool with some real time projects.

What you will learn:

  • Learn Creating query and update databases
  • Using triggers, views and stored procedures
  • Understand transactions and database isolation levels.
  • Understand database users and security.

6. Learn SQL +Security (pen) testing from Scratch

This Udemy Course fulfills the gap by teaching both SQL and Security testing or pen testing these topics it gives you an edge to accelerate your career. It includes many practice exercises, quizzes and different end session drills. This course will teach you how to manipulate and penetrate into different applications, websites, and software using some simple SQL queries so you can take required security measures to prevent any future breach.

What you will learn:

  • In Depth understanding of GROUP BY, Sub queries, aggregate functions, SQL Server functions, HAVING clauses
  • Understand the difference between the INNER JOIN, LEFT and RIGHT OUTER JOIN, and FULL OUTER JOIN
  • You will understand the Importance of Session Hijacking Mechanism and their confidential data use
  • You will learn how to investigate application behavior through various Parameter Tampering and Brute force attacks
  • You will learn all basics with http and different protocols that might cause attacking malicious inputs
  • Create or interact with existing databases and test the Database for schema validations

7. SQL and PostgreSQL for Beginners: Become an SQL Expert

This Udemy Course teaches you all you need to know about PostgreSQL which is one of the most advanced open source relational databases. This course is designed for absolute beginners with multiple exercises and drills to develop a better understanding of the different topics. After taking this course you will be comfortable putting SQL and PostgreSQL on the various real world IT problems.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a database from scratch.
  • Use SQL to perform data analysis.
  • Perform complex SQL queries using joins and sub queries.
  • Understand database concepts such as database relationships.
  • Confident in putting SQL and PostgreSQL on your resume.

8. Spatial SQL with Postgres : A language for geographers

This Udemy Course is designed to teach you how to write SQL to replicate many database and GIS tasks. It will help you to develop SQL queries that perform advanced GIS tasks and replicate many traditional tasks like overlay, buffer, etc. some of which might be impossible to perform in the GUI. You will be working on different practical exercises and real world projects to test your skills.

What you will learn:

  • Using SQL to manage spatial data
  • Creating advanced spatial analysis tools in SQL
  • Replicate many traditional GIS tasks like overlay, buffer, etc. using SQL
  • Understand and manage traditional and spatial indexes

9. SQL for Beginners: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design

This Udemy Course you will get skilled as a database developer which generally needs you to learn SQL, a database, and then database design. In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of both SQL and MySQL which allows you to work with database management systems with ease. You will come across various practice drills and exercises across this course for you to test your skills at the end of every session.

What you will learn:

  • Gain Deep understanding of how to use MySQL, one of the most widely used databases in the world.
  • Learn SQL, and MySQL to maintain and manipulate several relational databases
  • In depth knowledge of database design will give students an edge over other applicants.

10. The Ultimate SAS SQL course: SAS Programming on Proc SQL

This Udemy course contains all the essential SAS SQL programming techniques help prepare you to work on some of the real time projects and put your skills to implementation. It starts from a very beginner level for everyone to catch-up easily with the topics and has Quizzes, coding exercises, and practical examples at the end on a topic after all practice makes a man perfect and you will be able to mark your skills.

What you will learn:

  • Master SAS SQL or Proc SQL programming
  • Proc SQL Overview
  • SELECT Statement: Retrieving Data from a Single Table
  • Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables using Joins
  • Using Sub queries to Select Data
  • Combine Queries with Set Operators like UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT, OUTER UNION, etc.
  • Creating and Updating Tables and Views
  • Practical Examples Using PROC SQL

Future Thoughts

There are multiple big venture IT companies uplifting the SQL Development, through the building and setting up several integrated development environment that simplifies the database development and management systems. There are various open source developers contributing to the betterment of the databases to prevent the data hijacks and several other breaches through using any type of SQL queries.

These are some of the best SQL courses on Udemy to help you out your way with different databases. All you need to do is to go through the courses and choose the one you feel most suitable for you and start learning and practicing through different exercises and projects.

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