Master Persuasion Psychology – Top Rated Persuasion Course


Master Persuasion Psychology – Top Rated Persuasion Course:-

Introduction :-

Master Persuasion Psychology‘, created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D., is an online course that teaches you how to unleash the power of persuasion skills. It is for all those who feel helpless in various situations, particularly when they deal with other people.

Before we reveal the highs and lows of this Udemy course, first, let’s talk about what persuasion actually is and how this course can assist you in changing your life.

In simple words, ‘Persuasion is a process that motivates people positively or negatively and compels them to do what you want’.

It has many variations; it can be used through actions, words, or a well-written letter. If you become an expert in it and use this powerful force in daily life, you can live like a king. You can make people buy your latest and greatest products/services, create a major influence on the society, and even push voters to choose your name on the ballot box.

This is just one aspect, there are indeed a million other benefits as well.

  • Become a soul mate for your significant other.
  • Pitch your ideas successfully and win deals.
  • Make people agree with your logical arguments.
  • Persuade people to share valid information with you.
  • Connect with others and build great relationships. etc.

Things To Remember :-

There are some critical things that you need to perceive before you opt for the ‘Master Persuasion Psychology’ course… For example,

  • Don’t think it’s manipulation. Persuasion is an art; it should be treated with respect. Andrew Luttrell revealing its strategies through the aspects of ‘Social Psychology’.
  • We all can be persuaded. Some of us are persuaded in the short term while others take a tad more time. From political campaigns created by the professionals to the TV commercials, everything is persuading us and form our point of view.
  • Persistence pays. You can’t expect to become an expert persuader after finishing this course. It is pertinent to go out and test your skills and see how they affect the masses of people.

In a way, it is a complex game.

It depends on how you elevate and polish your skills. Since when you deal with people you perceive one message or a specific action isn’t for everyone.

People are more diverse and they have more choices.

You have to design your message in such a way that it can transfer rapidly in their brains and click them emotionally and psychologically.

What If You Become An Expert?

You will rule the world… We promise.

You will become music that moves a million people. It will be easier for you to command attention when you want, get people to say ‘yes’, and generate more business. People who have a great command of persuasion psychology win lots of true and loyal friends, put anyone ‘under their spell’, and have an abundance of money to buy anything they desire.

Even if you are doing a job, your words and some special actions can persuade your boss to give you a promotion or raise and turn you into his favorite employee.

Right now, if we say you are like a slave without persuasion skills, it would be utterly correct.

Ponder your life for a few minutes and you will comprehend you try to gain people’s acceptance and want people to treat you like a friend rather than making them do what you actually want.

When we compare the principle of ‘Master Persuasion Psychology’ with the world-renowned book, ‘Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion’ by Robert B. Cialdini, we realize that ‘Master Persuasion Psychology Course’ is a tad more specific.

It focuses on the ‘Message Factor’.

It tells you specifically how the structure of your message and the wording can affect people. This is perhaps the million-dollar feature of this course.

Once you understand it well, every situation is under your control.

Master Persuasion Psychology Course Content :-

The content of this course can be divided into 10 sections.

1.) Introduction To Persuasive Science… In the first section, Andrew Luttrell explains what persuasive science is and how it is shaping today’s world. It shows you why it has a big demand in every sector of life and you can be part of it as well.

2)Introducing A General Model of Persuasion... Here you learn exactly the ‘actual’ model of persuasion with a short history. The exclusive chapter of this section is the ‘Two Types of Variable’. It tells you about how one variable of persuasion is different than the other and how you can utilize both variables smartly to strengthen your persuasion strategy.

3) When Will People Think About Your Message? Will someone be motivated to think about your message and take interest in what you have to say? You perceive the detriments of people’s thinking before applying your specific persuasion strategies.

4) The Qualities of A Persuasive Persuader… Here the author of this course talks about you. This section reveals why delivering the message by the right person is immensely important. Furthermore, it teaches you regarding how to build credibility and likability, and also emphasize your trustworthiness. This is one of the premium sections in this course since, in persuasion, your likability and credibility create a critical impact on the audience.

5) Message Factor… We love this section as it is the core of this course. You learn the specifics of persuasion like message length, fear appeals, fluency, people’s perception, etc.

6) Persuasion Without Messages… Do you know persuasion can happen without messages too? Yes, this section is all about that aspect and shows how to use conditioning to shape people’s opinions; you opt for the subtle approach instead of a direct approach.

7) Know Your Audience… As a master persuader, it is your duty to know your audience. When you know the emotions and reasons of your audience, you match with them well and make it easy for them to perceive what you are saying. This chapter also sheds light on ‘Culture Matching’ and ‘Social Status Matching’ for effective persuasion.

8) Persuasion When People Are Thinking… What to do if people are already in the thinking mode or have a certain perception about a specific situation? This section educates regarding how to deal with mental responses and test your arguments as well.

9) Getting People To Pay Attention… The second last section has a total of eight lectures that focus on how to get people to pay attention. It covers topics like how to speak their language, increase motivation, strategically use the source, and utilize the surprise factor. Other than that, it is packed with several strategies for influencing people’s ability to think.

10) Conclusion… Lastly, the author gives references for scientific researches and offers a bonus lecture too… You also receive a course completion certificate.

Who Is Andrew Luttrell?

You are probably still in a baffling mode and thinking who is Andrew Luttrell and why one should trust his teaching methods and overall strategies.

Well, first, he is a professional professor of ‘Social Psychology’.

He knows how to deal with social interactions and have an effect on individuals. When we assess the content of the ‘Master Persuasion Psychology‘ course, it also revolves around the social psychology concepts, in which you learn about social influence, group processes, and self- concept. Moreover, they are explained through actual scientific methods.

Andrew Luttrell is also the host of the ‘Opinion Science’ podcast.

It is the show about the psychology of our opinions and how they change.

Therefore, you will love and trust the content. Andrew Luttrell has explained and simplified the persuasion psychology methods in an immensely professional way.

Even if you are a novice in this game, you will comprehend it fast.

Who This Course Is For?

This Udemy course, ‘Master Persuasion Psychology‘, has the material for all the beginners who don’t know anything about persuasion, language patterns, conditioning, and etc. They can use the strategies of this course and use them entire life.

The good thing is the content is subtly different from most traditional approaches. It targets the specific needs of people and teaches them how to turn situations into their favor.

For instance,

  • Managers can make their teams more productive.
  • Parents can teach their kids to study more effectively.
  • Marketers can make their customers scream with the desire to buy.
  • Coaches can use its content to motivate their players.
  • Job seekers can apply its strategies to get a job.

On the whole, it doesn’t matter whether you are a billionaire or a student looking for a part-time job, the material of this course is designed for everyone.

Final Thoughts

After learning the persuasion strategies, you will become obsessed with making people do whatever you say. Master Persuasion Psychology by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D., is a masterpiece packed with all the mind control tips. The material that is revealed in this course is a closely-guarded knowledge that is used by successful people only. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to win a minor conversation with friends or dealing with the most challenging negotiations in the business. It will help you on a grand scale and make you love your life more.


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