Which are the best Web Development Courses on Udemy?

Best Web Development Courses on Udemy:-

Is Web Development being a tricky task to perform? You can take the help of these Udemy courses to solve the problems you have been facing lately.

Web Development is one of the hot topics and most required tasks to be done nowadays if you are trying a startup or an established company to attract clients. It is necessary to have an interactive, good looking, and properly working website for establishing any business. Web Development includes all the work required to build any website for the internet or an intranet. Some of the popular Udemy courses are discussed below for choosing a better course to learn.

1. Web Development Secret 2020- HTML, CSS, AJAX & More

Right now at this very moment many of your competitors are either learning web development or are performing very well, how would you being to complete with them and start learning web development. This Udemy course is absolutely for the beginners, aimed for the people who are new to the world of web development. It will help you out with the basic layout design with HTML, CSS, and will take you up to designing a website with JavaScript for better performance and different security measures.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the DOM, CSSOM, Render Tree and Layouts
  • Master HTTP, HTTP/2 and AJAX
  • Learn to write JavaScript for optimize performance
  • Understanding the Network Panels, and Performance Panels with Dev Tools
  • Understanding HTTP, TCP, Data Packets
  • Critical Rendering Path
  • Write JavaScript and understand what a Polyfill does and Write your own Polyfill
  • How to use text editors

2. The Complete Web Development Course 2.0

This Udemy course will help you design different websites and web applications using different web development languages and frameworks. In the very beginning, you will learn the concepts of HTML5, CSS3, and a pinch of Python for very basic designing of any website with some advanced technologies like PHP 7, MySQL 5, jQuery, Google Maps and Bootstrap for automated websites or web applications.

What you will learn:

  • Building websites and web applications
  • Building HTML based mobile applications
  • front end development
  • Learn about databases and server side languages

3. The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp

This Udemy Course is all you need to become a full stack developer and is one of the highest rated courses. Even people with zero prior knowledge or experience can enroll in this course and start learning. It will take you step by step through all the topics by the means of engaging lectures and practice exercises. It includes different programming resources and cheats sheets to take help from.

What you will learn:

  • Build fully-fledged websites and web apps with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Learn back end development with Node JS
  • Learn front end development with React JS
  • Learn the latest frameworks and technologies, like Javascript ES6, Bootstrap 4, MongoDB.

4. The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery

This Udemy course consists of all that you need to learn to build excellent websites and applications. It will cover all the fundamentals and advanced topics in web development and to apply those skills you will have quizzes and practice exercises at the end of each topic. You will start your web development practices by learning some basics, in the beginning, moving forward with topics like javascript and different database connectivity and implementation.

What you will learn:

  • Web Development fundamentals as well as advanced topics
  • beginner and advanced JavaScript topics
  • Learn React and Redux 
  • Learn Building front end applications
  • full stack websites and applications
  • Using Node JS to write server-side JavaScript
  • Learn to implement user authentication
  • Using Express, SQL and Postgre SQL to create full stack web applications

5. Build Responsive Websites In 2020! Front-End Web Development

This Udemy course you will be learning some popular and in demand technologies for web development. It includes tools and technologies used by some of the most popular IT companies. This course will help with the back-end and front-end module development and connectivity. It is designed completely for beginners to develop a better understanding of the topic including some useful industrial domains.

What you will learn:

  • Implementing user authentication
  • Web Development fundamentals as well as advanced topics
  • Build websites and web applications
  • Writing clean, good performance, and bug free code

6. The Web Developer Bootcamp

This Udemy course for anyone who wants to learn about web development or full stack development, regardless of prior experience. It contains all the basic and higher order functioning topics which you need to learn for website development. To make learning engaging and fruitful this course includes various learning elements like Lectures, Code Alongs, Projects, Practice Exercises, Research Assignments, and different Readings and coding resources.

What you will learn:

  • Create application using Express, MongoDB, and Semantic UI
  • Create static HTML and CSS portfolio sites
  • Create static HTML and CSS landing pages
  • Create complex HTML forms with validations
  • Using Bootstrap and JavaScript functions
  • Understanding the scope and higher order functions
  • Creating full stack web applications
  • Manipulating DOM with vanilla JS and jQuery
  • Using Node JS to write server side JavaScript
  • Using Express and MongoDB to create full stack JS apps
  • Using common JS data structures
  • Using NPM to install all useful packages
  • Understanding the ins and outs of HTTP requests
  • Creating your own Node modules

7. Build Responsive Real World Website with HTML5 and CSS

This Udemy course is for everyone who aspires to be a web developer. In this course, you will go through the entire process of building and launching our website project. It includes designing, coding, planning, writing clean and organized code, website optimization, best practices, and so much more. You will learn all about web development, designing, and deployment in this course.

What you will learn:

  • Skills to build real world websites
  • Getting started with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery
  • Downloadable code and design assets for different projects

8. The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Road map

This Udemy course builds an understanding of the advanced topics of web development. To continue with this course you will need to have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This course will help you build some real time websites and web applications by using advanced frameworks like React, Redux, and other popularly used frameworks. You will get an idea of how to build different technical projects and some image recognition apps.

What you will learn:

  • Building an image recognition app 
  • Different technical projects
  • Learn advanced and modern concepts in web development

9. The Complete 2020 Web Development Course- Build 15 Projects

Projects will always help you to practice your skills and acceleration your career to new heights. This Udemy course is perfect for anyone who wishes to learn and perform extraordinarily in the field of web development. With each lecture covered you will be covering a major technology taking you from the basics to advanced web development skills. Firstly you will learn the basic concepts and apply them to some practice examples, which will make it easy for you to switch to advanced topics and build real time professional projects from it.

What you will learn:

  • Using HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, Grid, BootStrap and SASS to build website content
  • Using Javascript, jQuery and jQuery User Interface to create Interactive Websites
  • Use Back End Technologies like NodeJS, ES6, PHP, AJAX, JSON to build dynamic database-driven websites.
  • Create a Mathematics Tutorial Website using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Create a Game using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap and JavaScript.
  • Create a Drawing App using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery UI, and Canvas.
  • Create a Blog using WordPress.
  • Create a Distance Between Cities App using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Google Maps APIs.
  • Create a Website with Social Widgets
  • Create a Speed Reader App for IOS and Android.

10. Build Modern Responsive Websites with HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap

This Udemy course you will learn how to build responsive website and web applications with modern web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and some jQuery from scratch. You don’t need to have any prior computer programming experience to learn; This Udemy course will teach you, how to create a wire frame for a website and how to convert a wire frame to real world website. While building a website, you will learn new ways of coding, tips & tricks, and modern best practical ways that will make you a professional web developer in a very short time.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Bootstrap (+BS 4) Frameworks.
  • Learn new ways of coding, tips and tricks.
  • Build a Modern looking Responsive Website or web application
  • Learn and understand CSS3 Media Queries

Final Thoughts

Web Development is a specific field of computer or software engineering that majorly focuses on the development of websites and web applications for different networks i.e. internet or intranet. It is different from other software’s which are usually standalone applications on any of your gadgets. It makes evokes very exciting career opportunities as the web development cycle are much shorter, engaging, and iterative over frequent periods.

Udemy can help you become a web developer, to learn different skills, and add up stars to your portfolio by different guided projects. Even if you have no prior experience in web development or any other field you can always find beginner level courses that will help you learn new topics, tips, and tricks.

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