What are the Best UI/UX Courses on Udemy?

Does web design interest you? Do you see yourself designing websites, apps that are user-friendly and beautiful at the same time? But are you unsure as to how to go about it? Congratulate yourself as you just discovered the right page with all the answers. Enter UI and UX. User Interface and User Experience. UX/UI Design is all about creating websites and apps that are cool to interact with and look attractive, thereby achieving the company’s business objectives and the app user.

Frequently, UI/UX designers are confused with graphic designers. UX/UI designer helps design apps and websites while also understanding how users interact with the information and navigate the design. There are several excellent courses on Udemy that can help you add UI/UX to your skillset and help you turn professional. We have curated some of the best courses from Udemy that can help you cut. This list covers a variety of courses apt for the beginner and the seasoned.

Reviews of Best UI/UX Courses on Udemy

1. User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI/UX Design

User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UIUX Design

This is a course for starters where you need no previous design or Adobe XD skills. All you need to do is download a free trial of Adobe XD 2019 from Adobe. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, and you will learn all about wireframing, website and app prototyping, repeat and symbol grids, images, text and font, drawing, content and plug-ins, wireframe feedback, advanced prototyping, app design, pitching, and exporting.

You also learn to utilize other software, namely Photoshop and Illustrator. There is also a section devoted to micro-interactions, one of the new and exciting features of XD. The highlight of the course is that the students get to be part of real-life freelance projects that the instructor is working on, which involve designing both a website and mobile face interface. There are also two class projects which add to your portfolio.

2. User Experience Design Fundamentals

User Experience Design Fundamentals

This course is for designers, mobile and web developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. The length spanning 10 hours is available in English, French, and eight more languages. This course emphasizes an effective website/ mobile app/mobile site that converts and effectively meets its objectives. So, the course goes into a detailed understanding of the elements of user experience in terms of the five S – Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton, and Surface.

The curriculum covers interaction. The guiding strategy, research process, business goals, user needs, prioritizing requirements. Then it delves into the nitty-gritty of design- creating wireframes, contrast, color, uniformity, typography, and other design resources. The theory is supplemented with lab exercises, and 80000 students have taken this course to add UXD to their resume.

3. UX and Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

UX and Web Design Master Course Strategy, Design, Development

This comprehensive course is for designers- both beginners and seasoned- as well as business owners who want to maximize their online presence. Design, Content, and Coding- all three elements are included. First, the principles and strategies are taught. The application of the concepts is through actually coding three websites addressing 3 diverse audiences-a B2B website, a B2C website, and an e-commerce site.

The twenty-three-hour course covers the following aspects in-depth- understanding the website user. These business goals then guide designing the Information Architecture (IA) and building and code site using WordPress, CSS, and HTML. Nearly 87,000 students take this course and, with a 4.6 rating, it comes with a bonus thirty-page downloadable guidebook full of activities, exercises that will be especially useful while developing your site.

4. UX Design and User Experience Design Course- Theory only

UX Design and User Experience Design Course- Theory only

This is a short course with a two-and-a-half-hour video that focuses purely on the theory behind UX design. This course is for aspiring UX Designers and designers who want to add UX to their skill set.

The curriculum covered includes how much one can earn, how to research a project, the responsibilities of and the tools available to a UX designer, researching your competition, creating user profiles, running user testing sessions, reporting them, and creating wireframes, and learning to apply Invision mock-ups. Overall this course gives a broad overview of the theory and philosophy of UX design.

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5. Learn Figma-UI/UX Design Essential Training

Learn Figma-UI-UX Design Essential Training

This bestseller course is meant for lay beginners and designers- web, graphics, UI, UX- who are keen to learn Figma. This is a quick and short four-hour course, and it promises to teach you how to use Figma to design websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps. Figma is an application akin to Sketch/Adobe XD but more powerful in terms of responsive and fast design and team collaboration.

The first part deals elaborately with the Figma interface, setting up a new project, adding and editing content, completing the design, creating a prototype, sharing, and exporting. Next, the instructor will design an app to give the students an in-depth understanding of Figma.

6. User Experience (UX)-The Ultimate Guide to Usability and Experience

User Experience (UX)-The Ultimate Guide to Usability and Experience

This course prepares you for a career in UX. The three key areas of UX- Understanding the user, prototype design, and testing- are all covered in great detail. You also get to complete five real-world sample projects and thus create your portfolio. The curriculum for the course is mapped with the BCS foundation certificate in User Experience. On completing the course, you are well equipped to take this exam. This exam can be taken anywhere in the world at a Pearson Vue exam center.

Five bonuses are offered along with the course, including a student workbook, PDF of slides, written transcript of the lecture, a quiz question bank, and finally, access to a Facebook community. The only requirement for the course is interest plus time allocation of 60 to 90 minutes for two to three weeks.The course claims that it was the only UX course to be rated 10 on 10 by UX mastery.

7. Sketching for UX Designers- Boost UX Work with Pen and Paper

Sketching for UX Designers- Boost UX Work with Pen and Paper

Any designer knows how valuable sketching is for expressing, generating, communicating, and clarifying ideas. This Udemy course serves precisely that purpose. In 4.5 hours, the instructor will teach the concepts and examples needed to sketch the user interface, UI animations and create storyboards. So, it is a quick course that can be completed within a week.

The topics covered include visual thinking and tools, drawing basic shapes, sketching, user interfaces, user flows, storyboarding-theory and practice, sketching, and practice activity.

8. User Experience Design: Complete UX Fundamental Course

User Experience Design: Complete UX Fundamental Course

This is a quick course which is three and a half-hour long. This course dives deep into the history and background of UX, understands the user, design information architecture appropriately, the Principles of Visual Design, functional layout design. There is also an interesting section on user psychology.

But this course has no sections on wireframing or constructing prototypes, and it was last updated in 2016.

9. UI/UX Design with Adobe XD: Design and Prototype a Mobile App

UIUX Design with Adobe XD Design and Prototype a Mobile App

This course requires you to install Adobe XDCC. Adobe XD is a new design tool mainly meant for UI/UX designers.This course is under 2 hours and will dive straight into creating a beautiful iOS mobile app with step-by-step instructions. The first part is about the interface, features, tools, and shortcuts, the second part is about designing a working prototype.

The emphasis here is on ‘Do and Learn,’ which is achieved by focusing on the practice exercises. This course is for designers who want to add Adobe XD to their skill set in the shortest possible time.

10. UX Design College Class Taught by a University UX Instructor

UX Design College Class Taught by a University UX Instructor

This is a course primarily meant for beginners to intermediate. It covers some key design philosophies. You will learn to set a goal for design, create a persona, create a user interview script, write a problem statement and design a custom journey map. You will also be exposed to the best practices in the industry.

The next section deals with the design aspect. Sketching concepts, wireframe designs, creating a prototype, user testing, applying design to prototype all find inclusion. One interesting addition is the best practices to follow when creating a resume for design. All the files are downloadable in an Adobe XD design file.


We hope this list helped you select the right course for your requirements. Go ahead. Choose a course from the list. Complete it and earn a certificate. Show off this skill in your CV. Become a UX/UI designer and increase your earning powers. And if this article was helpful to you in any way or will be of use to someone you know, share it with them. Please do share what other courses you wish us to cover in the comments section.

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