What are the Best UI Design Courses on Udemy?

The dynamically changing scenarios worldwide force people to go digital for almost all of their needs, from buying medicines to buying homes online. In this situation, businesses that attract the customer win it all. Therefore, the user interface(UI) is a significant attribute that decides the clients’ clicks for their business website.

In short, the User Interface design or UI design is defined as the design of the website or the medium with which the customer or the user interacts. The best UI design lets the customer complete their work efficiently and quickly, for which they have clicked on the link of any website. 

So, it is needless to say that the professionals who can cater to their clients’ better UI design requirements get the maximum demand these days. Udemy, the most comprehensive online learning platform, provides the opportunity of excelling at this subject through a variety of top-rated courses. So, let us check out these courses and enroll in them to get the maximum benefits. 

Reviews of 10 Best UI Design Courses on Udemy

1. User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI/UX Design by Daniel Walter Scott

User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI-UX Design by Daniel Walter Scott

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This course lets you learn UI/UX design using Adobe XD platform. You will learn the entire subject by practically designing a website from scratch. Also, you can have the facility of getting feedback from the tutor by sending the files to him. Sixty-nine downloadable files help you in practicing the skills.

Daniel Scott, an Adobe certified instructor, has curated this course so well that beginners can easily understand the subject. He provides you with all the basics required for starting your journey towards becoming a proficient designer. In addition, the tutor has created a separate Facebook group to help all the current and former students clear their doubts whenever they face an issue.

2. Design Rules: Principles+Practices for Great UI Design by Joe Natoli

Design Rules: Principles+Practices for Great UI Design by Joe Natoli

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If you want to learn the best practices to create a mobile app or a desktop website with a great UI design within just five hours, then this course is right for you. You will learn to apply critical rules for designing mobile and desktop versions of the website separately. In addition, the tutor promises to transform you into an empathetic UI designer who cares about satisfying the user’s motivation, environment, expectations, and possible actions.

A good website is not sufficient for ensuring simple usage. An amateur web designer focuses more on the aesthetics of the website but neglects the UI part. As a result, the user finds it difficult to interact with the buttons on the screen. This course prevents you from making that mistake and helps you create the UI by keeping the user requirements in mind

3. The Complete App Design Course – UX, UI, and Design Thinking by App Brewery Co.

The Complete App Design Course – UX, UI, and Design Thinking by App Brewery Co.

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There are over 20 lakh mobile apps listed in the Google play store. But, a user will not know or use more than 50 best apps. This is because the UI of other apps is not satisfactory to the users. So, if you are looking for a quick course for mobile app designing in just three hours, you should enroll yourself in this course. 

This course attended by more than 35,000 students and rated by more than 8.500 promises to teach you to design attractive and easy-to-interact mobile apps by providing you with 14 reference articles and a downloadable resource for practice. It makes you understand the difference between creating for IOS and android. You can monetize your work as well after completing this course.

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4. Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training by Caleb Kingston

 Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training by Caleb Kingston

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This course by Caleb Kingston is a quick and easy guide to learn designing websites and mobile apps that the users adore for their simplicity. At the end of this course, you will be proud and satisfied as you will be designing a mobile app prototype by applying the learnings of the subject.

You will be taught to use the Figma platform to design more collaborative and responsive designs quickly. This course takes just 3.5 hours of your time and provides you with three downloadable resources for practicing your skills. You will also learn how to reuse the design elements for any future projects. As per the reviews of the learner, this course comprehensively covers usage of the Figma platform that can help you make a pro-designer.

5. Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers, and Developers by Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers, and Developers by Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

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This five-hour-long course by Muhammad Pervaiz promises to provide you with design principles, design theory, and some secret principles to create a visually better and easily interactable website. These visual design principles can be used to create a better UI design. The users have rated the tutor as effective in delivering his message with the help of examples.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of design theory from the perspective of UI. Beginner designers, Web designers, Graphic designers, developers, and any others who want to learn UI designing can enroll in this course and benefit from it. There is no need for any software or any pre-knowledge on the subject. Just the attitude to learn will make this course a turning point in your professional career.

6. UI & Web Design Using Adobe Illustrator CC by Daniel Walter Scott

 UI & Web Design Using Adobe Illustrator CC by Daniel Walter Scott

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This four-hour-long course on UI design by Walter Scott uses Adobe Illustrator as the platform for designing. The focus is more directed towards UI designing rather than coding for website design. Hence this is the perfect course for those students who want to brush up their skills in UI design. Furthermore, the employability opportunities for those who specialize in UI designing are relative to those who know only web designing.

As per the reviews by the user, this course is curated at a leisurely pace, taught in a simple language, digestible to the learners with no real experience to the front-end requirements. The system provides you with the necessary tools to help beginners understand where and how to start the complex designing processes. 

7. Building Awesome Color Schemes for Your UI Design projects by Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

Building Awesome Color Schemes for Your UI Design projects by Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

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This course by Muhammad Pervaiz is a specialized course under the category of UI design. Here, in this course, the tutor takes you deep into the most prominent UI design element: color scheme building. The focus is on teaching the basics of colors, build effective UX designs by color schemes, color accessibility, assigning purpose to colors, and many more.

He also teaches how to convey the message using colors by providing you with three reference articles and 12 downloadable resources for the practice. This course teaches you the entire subject in just under five hours. Specialization in one or another UI design element must beat the competition and what more than colors to concentrate upon. 

8. Master Digital Product Design: UX Research and UI Design by Rob Sutcliffe

Master Digital Product Design UX Research & UI Design

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Rob Sutcliffe has attended this course by close to 15,000 students worldwide and has got some best reviews from them. This is evident because the tutor has adopted a unique approach to teaching the subject. First of all, this course is intended for product designers. Then the tutor teaches you how to design the user interface by researching the users’ feedback on the user experience. 

This course is mainly focused on designing such aspects as understanding human perception, developing critical thinking skills, user experience research, applied psychology in design, and many more in the sixteen hours long video lectures. Twenty-six downloadable resources support these learning modules for self-inspection of the knowledge. 

9. Learn Figma: User Interface Design Essentials- UI/UX Designs by Arash Ahdzadeh

Learn Figma User Interface Design Essentials- UI - UX Designs by Arash Ahdzadeh

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This ten-hour course by Arash helps you in monetizing your UI designing skills through the Figma application. The tutor gives away a 200+ page e-book on the subject as a bonus for enrolled students in this course. In addition, you will be encouraged and guided to create an interactive prototype through micro-interactions.

Also, as additional support, you will be connected to a client, and you can send your work to the client immediately after completion of the course for feedback, and possibly a business deal would be sealed if the client likes your work. You will create 3D scenes, logos, photoshop, typography, and many more skills once you enroll in this program. In addition, you will be guided personally by the tutor on completing projects such as creating a finance app, designing a complete modern landing page, and so on. 

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10. UI UX Design and Prototyping Using Adobe XD by Caler Edwards

UI UX Design & Prototyping using Adobe XD

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This course simplifies the UI design learning for busy professionals who want to apply their skills to enhance the look of their product and beautify their projects. This course teaches the UI designing concept on a readymade platform Adobe XD within a short span of four hours. Users reviewed the tutor Caler Edwards as a teacher who delivers his message straightforward and in a simpler way.

The latest designs and prototyping methods are taught to beginners with no prior experience in UI designing in a simple and understandable language. Every tool of the Adobe XD software is introduced through a step-by-step procedure to ensure the student understands the complete concept and creates his projects once he completes his course.

The three downloadable resources and one reference article are provided to help you to test your skill.


According to a recent survey conducted by a reputed consultancy firm, the demand for UI designers has risen by more than 20% in one year, which is expected to rise further in the coming decades. Therefore, if you want to impact the businesses by your designing skills, strengthening your brand as a designer, you must seriously consider leveling your designing skills in this competitive world.

There is so much recorded information about this subject, but most of them are unorganized by experts. So, intending to organize the knowledge about this subject and its effective transfer, they have chosen the Udemy platform by curating the above best ten courses. These courses can help UI designers completely decimate their competition and be branded as the best in the field. So, do not hesitate and enroll in these immediately.

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