What are the Best Networking Courses on Udemy?

Are you looking at becoming a networking professional? Or are you simply looking at adding network design to your skillset and improving your career prospects? Whatever the answer, Udemy has some detailed and great courses for you, and here we review the best networking courses on Udemy.

Stay on till the end, and you will be able to choose the best networking course on Udemy, most suited to your requirements. The world is getting more and more digital, and there are many technologies and capabilities behind the scene that drives this. Imagine the Internet and its zillion websites.

Now take away all the switches, cables, routers, and protocols, and the Internet would cease to be! That is how vital networks are and also why network engineers are in high demand.

Review of Top 10 Networking Courses on Udemy

1. The Complete Networking Fundamentals Courses

The Complete Networking Fundamentals Courses

As the name rightly states, this course helps you get a solid grounding in networking fundamentals. It is especially useful to obtain a Certification in Cisco CCNA and become a networking professional. The only prerequisite for taking the course is a basic understanding of computers.

The topic coverage is quite extensive – switches, routers, hub, address allocation, Access control List, safeguarding networks from attacks, IP addressing, TCP IP models, OSI, name resolution, Wi-Fi technologies, and the latest networking trends.

There are also online simulations of Cisco Switches and routers to enable practice and learn to configure devices. With 80 hours of video, this course is a bestseller with 4.6 ratings.

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2. The Complete Cyber Security Course – Network Security

The Complete Cyber Security Course – Network Security

This course promises to make you a cybersecurity expert. This is part 2 of 4 bestselling courses designed by Nathan House, who won the ‘Cyber Security Educator of the Year 2020.’ It is in English though it has captions in 8 other languages. This course is designed primarily for home and personal cybersecurity though the same concepts can be applied to a business. 

There is a practical and comprehensive coverage of topics- utilizing vulnerability scanning and network hacking techniques to understand security issues, firewalls, wireless security, network monitoring, search engine privacy, browser security, best authentication methods, including passwords. 

By the time you complete this highly reviewed course, you will have excellent knowledge of network security issues, understand how to secure them from attacks, mitigate risks online and learn how to keep information safe from hackers and malware. 

3. Introduction to Computer Networks for Non-Techies

Introduction to Computer Networks for Non-Techies

This course is specially designed for the non-techies and even engineers who use computers but don’t know about networks. All you need is a basic understanding of computers other than, of course, the willingness to learn.

This course uses appropriate language to get someone new to networking or a non-techie to understand the basics of how a network works, different types of networks, devices, cables, routers, switches, wireless networks, and much more. By the time you are done, you are so well equipped that you can plan and design your network. 

All it requires is a time investment of 14.5 hours, and the course has also been appreciated for its frequent updates increasing its relevance in the industry.

4. Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (Python-3)

Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (Python-3)

This practical course will help you automate your networks using Python 3. In this course, importance is attached to practical application over theory. So configuration demonstrations are using both Cisco switches and routers in GNS3.

The promise of this course is that inside of 20 minutes, you will be programming Cisco networks. A network engineer needs to know how to program networks using Python and API to automate networks quickly using tools like SSH, Telnet, Paramiko, NAPALM, Netmiko, and all of these find extensive coverage with equal and more emphasis on putting theory to quick practice.

These aspects make this course valuable, and it has earned 4.7 ratings from happily satisfied students.

5. Cisco CCNA 200-301: Full Course for Networking Basics

Cisco CCNA 200-301: Full Course for Networking Basics

This course from Udemy is 18.5 hours long. It gives a detailed understanding of the networking basics, and the coverage of topics is intended to assist students in easily passing the CCNA 200-301 exam and getting certified. This Certification helps get a head start in the networking industry. 

This course promises to teach you everything so that you can start with zero knowledge. You only need to install either GNS3 or Packet Tracer on your computer to do the lab sections, which are hands-on, exhaustive, and deal with real-life scenarios. The mix of theory and practicals add to the effectiveness of the course.

One other plus point of the course is that the instructors address all questions. This interaction adds to the usefulness of the course.

6. Data Science: Deep Learning and Neural Networks In Python

Deep Learning and Neural Networks In Python

This course takes a deep dive into Deep Learning. So, if machine learning, data science, and deep learning are your areas of interest and you are looking at mastering them, this course is a must.

You can learn how a neural network works, how it is built, use Python, Numpy, Google’s TensorFlow to design a network from scratch. Terms such as activation, backpropagation, and feedforward find detailed coverage. Overall, attention is paid to setting the correct theoretical basis to understand the advanced topics.

Practical implementation of the theory learned is given top priority, and projects are done to achieve this. This course equips you to implement machine learning algorithms, both simple and complex, from scratch. The prerequisites for taking this course are knowledge of calculus, matrix arithmetic, probability, Numpy Coding, Python Coding, and familiarity with logistic regression and linear regression.

7. Python Networking Programming Complete Masterclass

Python Networking Programming Complete Masterclass

This course allows you to learn Python 3 without any prior knowledge. So, you learn from the start and then learn advanced concepts that enable you to build 10+ network applications using Python 3 – all within 16 hours.

The concepts that find coverage are – using SSH to connect to any network device, establish SSH sessions, get to know CPU utilization, performance monitoring through real-time graphs, build basic packet sniffer, save packet data to a log file, and analyze network packets after capturing them.

You also learn how to build a configuration change management tool. You also learn how to build 5 additional network tools using various technologies such as NMAP, OSPF, etc. You also get access to the full Python 3 code of 10 network technologies, and these can then be customized as per your requirements.

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8. Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

This course is extremely useful for anyone who wants to master ethical hacking. The instructor recommends completing his other two courses on ethical and network hacking to make the best of this course. While not ignoring the theory, practical implementation is given emphasis.

Methods to hack and crack WPA2 enterprise networks and captive portals, bypass filtering by MAC, create fake access points manually, create fake captive portals, connect to hidden networks, create Trojans – are only some of the topics covered. There is vast coverage of topics, divided into three sections – pre-connections attacks, gaining access, and post connection attacks.

By the end, you will have the capability to build and implement your attack. And added to that will be the knowledge to protect your systems against such attacks. This course comes up with 24/7 support with an assurance that all queries will be resolved.

9. Ansible for Network Engineers: Quick Start GNS3 & Ansible

Ansible for Network Engineers: Quick Start GNS3 & Ansible

If you are a network engineer or architect and would like to specifically learn to use Ansible to program and automate Cisco networks, then this course is for you. Learning to troubleshoot with Ansible is also part of the curriculum. 

This short bestseller course has 5 hours of video and promises students that ‘we will show you to start programming Cisco networks within 30 minutes. The practical component is highlighted with demonstrations and practical examples of using Ansible in various situations in a variety of ways.

This course will help add Ansible – playbooks, ad hoc commands, network modules, SSH – to your skillset.  

10. Network Concepts and Programming from Scratch – Academic LvL

Network Concepts and Programming from Scratch – Academic LvL

This course is meant for professional developers, UG Computer Science students, and those looking to ace their interview for Networking Developer. As a minimum prerequisite, a basic knowledge of C is preferred. The instructors feel that C is ideal for learning network-related coding from scratch, unlike Python, which has a readymade library to do tasks.

In terms of system requirements, one only needs a Linux OS installed on the system.

The curriculum includes – understand the functioning and each layer of the TCP/IP stack, L2 and L3 routing concepts, many ways to design Linux server program in C, in-depth idea of packet journey, design and implement HTTP web servers, TLVs, pocket encapsulation, Domain Name System, Virtual LAN and routing through the same, broadcast domain and many more.


These are the reviews of the top-rated courses in the field on networking on Udemy. Professionals sift all the networking courses on Udemy to arrive at the most valuable courses list.

Do add in your opinion and questions, if any, in the comment box. If there are any other courses that you will like us to review, please do mention them. If this article benefited you and you know somebody who could benefit from this information, please share it.

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