What are the Best JavaScript Courses on Udemy?

Are you searching for the best JavaScript courses on Udemy? If yes, then this article is for you. There is no doubt that JavaScript (or JS) has become the most popular programming and in-demand language. With JavaScript, one can develop web & desktop applications, elegant static websites, and mobile applications.

JavaScript plays a vital role, and it adds an extra layer of dynamic elements to the visual—this converts HTML into a fabulous design. JavaScript is also known as a server-side language that developers use to build various web and app applications. Many pro-JS-developers say that JavaScript is an easy and fun-based language, whereas some consider it the most complicated programming language.

On the other hand, it also offers some of the best and egregious frameworks in the market, such as React, Vue, NodeJS, jQuery, and Angular, which you can use to develop applications with ease. However, they are not easy to work with. It would be best if you have a perfect understanding of the core JS to write code.

However, there are many online and offline courses that you can opt for, but choosing the right platform or course is one of the significant verdicts. Whether you are already a JS developer or a newbie looking for the best JavaScript course, we will cover the ten hottest JavaScript courses for you in this guide. We ensure that you will find these courses pocket-friendly and worth your time.

Reviews of 10 Best JavaScript Courses on Udemy

1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert! 

The Complete JavaScript Course 2021 - From Zero to Expert

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If you’re a beginner or quest to enhance your JS skills, then this 2021 course is for you, as its name states -the complete JavaScript course. This course is for everyone (as confirmed by Udemy), including 68 hours of on-demand video, 20 articles, 18 downloadable resources, and lifetime access (access on mobile and TV).

After completing the course, you’ll be rewarded with the Certificate of completion. This course comes in various languages like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc. This course has a 4.7 rating, and more than 4 lac students already enrolled for the course.


  • No previous coding experience is required.
  • You can set it up on any device or OS.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (not necessary).

What you’ll learn

  • Basic to advance
  • You will build six real-world projects
  • How to work as a skilled JS developer
  • All fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Modern OOP and different tools

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2. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

JavaScript - Understanding the Weird Parts

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The ‘Understanding the Weird Parts’ course is specially designed for intermediate and advanced level. This course includes 11.5 hours of on-demand video, 50 downloadable resources, seven articles, and lifetime access.

If you are someone who always makes some errors while writing code, or wants to deliver error-free projects, then you can have a look at this course. It is available in many languages like English, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc.


  • You must have a basic knowledge of JavaScript.
  • A good internet connection.
  • Your favourite browser and text editor.

What you’ll learn:

  • Advanced concepts (closures, prototypal inheritance, IIFEs).
  • Error-free and good quality code
  • debugging problems in JavaScript
  • Objects and functions
  • Building own JS library

3. JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2021 (Beginner + Advanced) 

JavaScript - The Complete Guide 2021 (Beginner + Advanced)

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This is a beginner to an advanced course in which you will get 52 hours of on-demand video, 75 articles, 696 downloadable resources, Assignments, and lifetime access to the course. This course has been taken by around sixty thousand learners and has been blessed with a 4.6 rating.

Academind creates it by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and available in only the English language. If you are a beginner or new to web development, you then can take this course to become a Pro-JS developer. You’ll be given some assignments to complete, and after completing the course, you will be rewarded with the Certificate of completion.


  • Basic web development knowledge would be a plus point.
  • Basic HTML and CSS.
  • No prior knowledge of JS.

What you’ll learn:

  • Everything about beginner to advanced
  • All modern JavaScript concepts
  • Real-world project
  • OOPs functions
  • Testing, security, and deployment

4. Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

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The modern JavaScript course is for everyone, whether you are just starting to write JS or already an experienced JavaScript player. This course covers everything you need to know about JavaScript, such as basic and fundamentals, OOP, Async JS, DOM, and more.

If we talk about the popularity of this course, it comes with more than five languages, a 4.7 rating, and on top of that, about 80 thousand learners have joined this course. One of the best things about this course is, you will learn pure JavaScript. This means that there will be no dependency on using any framework library.


  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

What you’ll learn:

  • Basics of JavaScript
  • DOM manipulation & events and projects
  • API projects
  • OOPs, Asynchronous JavaScript, Ajax, and Fetch APIs
  • Error handling JavaScript patterns

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5. The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

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The modern JavaScript Bootcamp is an excellent course. In this course, you will learn to build real-world apps and 80 programming challenges that make you a skilled JS developer.

The course is created by Andrew Mead and has a worldwide rating of 4.7, plus it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can check it. The course consists of 155 lectures, 128 downloadable resources, and access to it in English and Polish.


  • No prior programming skills are required
  • A good internet connection and a fast working system.

What you’ll learn:

  • Core JavaScript
  • JavaScript Functions, Objects, and Arrays.
  • Three real-world web applications
  • ES6 and ES7, and 80 coding challenges
  • How to deploy your project on a live server

6. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass 

 JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass

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If you are willing to learn JavaScript algorithms and data structures, then taking this course will be an ethical decision for you. It comes in more than seven languages ​​and has a 4.7 rating worldwide.

This course includes 24.5 hours of 249 lectures, 30 volumes, 32 articles, five coding exercises, able downloadable resources and lifetime access to mobile and TV. It is the most recommended course for those who want to improve their problem-solving skills and become a better version.


  • JavaScript syntax knowledge
  • No prior experience of data structure or computer science

What you’ll learn:

  • Programming difficult interviews
  • 10+ data structures
  • Plenty of popular algorithms
  • Stronger developer skills
  • Problem-solving approach and challenges

7. JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp (2021) 

JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp (2021)

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This course is for beginners who want to develop their knowledge of JavaScript. This course is a step-by-step introduction to the JavaScript language to clear your doubts. This includes JavaScript syntax, JavaScript functions, JavaScript conditions, JavaScript objects, and arrays.

It comes with 385 lectures, approximately 38h 16m, 29 sections, 57 articles, seven downloadable resources, and completion certificates. You will be tested on JavaScript syntax by several quizzes and also with mini-projects.


  • Google Chrome Browser
  • No coding experience is required
  • Good Internet connection

What you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Build a portfolio page
  • Interview ready approach
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Coding quizzes and projects

8. Modern JavaScript (Complete guide, from Novice to Ninja)

Modern JavaScript (Complete guide, from Novice to Ninja)

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If you ever had a dream to work as a ninja-JS-developer, try out this ninja course. In this advanced course, you will learn many things such as web-page manipulation, creating interactive forms, coding quizzes, real-time databases, and so on.

You will get 19 hours of on-demand video, two downloadable resources, full lifetime access, 173 lectures, and 21 sections. After passing the course, you will be given a certificate of completion.


  • Basic HTML & CSS knowledge
  • A computer and internet connection

What you’ll learn:

  • Programming with modern JavaScript
  • Real-world front-end applications with JavaScript
  • Working with APIs
  • All about OOPs
  • Learn modern UI components

9. JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio

JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio

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If you want to become a freelancer developer, work in a large organization, or acquire advanced level JavaScript in your emerging career, then this course is the right choice for you. This course includes many advanced features and practical live classes.

On top of that, there are 32.5 hours of on-demand video, 27 articles, 49 downloadable resources and one coding exercise. This is the best JavaScript to build your real-world portfolio.


  • Basic HTML & CSS & JavaScript
  • Computer and internet connection

What you’ll learn:

  • 20 projects for your portfolio
  • Modern HTML5 and CSS3
  • Asynchronous programming
  • UI/UX practices
  • Common mistakes in JavaScript

10. JavaScript Bible

JavaScript Bible

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There is a JavaScript Bible course for you to become a front-end, back-end, and even full-stack developer. It comes with 42.5 hours of on-demand video, 11 articles, and three downloadable resources.

It has a 4.7 rating and is available in the English language. On this course, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. By doing this course, you can become a senior JavaScript, ready-to-job developer.


  • desire to solve challenges
  • Dedication to learning coding
  • Internet connection and computer

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic to advance
  • Variables, Functions, Objects, and Scopes
  • JavaScript Compiler
  • JavaScript, ES6, NPM, Webpack, Babel, Node, and React
  • ES6, ES7 and MongoDB

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is udemy good for learning JavaScript?

Udemy has a wide range of programming languages along with JavaScript. No matter how veteran or a newbie JS developer you are, Udemy has fully covered the JavaScript course. JavaScript is used a lot in web development and is worth taking courses from Udemy.

2. Why are Udemy courses so expensive now?

Udemy is a popular and promising platform to learn new skills, and it is not that all courses are expensive, but some are very compatible. Udemy gives you satisfactory results.

3. Can Udemy JavaScript courses get you a job?

If you take the course and learn with enthusiasm, there is a 100% chance of getting a job. On top of that, JavaScript developers are always in demand, and if you are truly capable of learning, the Udemy course will cater to your needs.


To say that JavaScript is the foundation of the computing universe would not be completely wrong. At this time, JavaScript is a very different language, among others. If you are a front-end developer, you might have been using JS somewhere in your project.

A few years later, it is becoming more browser-friendly, or it is coming forward as an additional fine-tuning language in the programming world. Our team of experts has gone through in-depth research and come up with these ten best JavaScript courses. You can join any course according to your need or budget.

These courses are paid for and offered by Udemy. If you liked this article, then share this piece of information with your surroundings too. Additionally, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to leave a message.

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