What are the Best iOS Development Courses on Udemy?

Best iOS Development courses on Udemy:-

Want to develop some iOS Applications for all your Apple Products? Well, you are in the right place looking for the material to learn iOS Development.

An iOS Developer is a person responsible for developing different applications for the Apple’s iOS platform based devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. iOS Development should have a strong understanding of patterns evoked only in this platform, it is majorly written in two popular programming languages i.e. Objective C and Swift. If you are willing to start your career as an iOS developer then you have to set up a great command at the development procedure and the programming languages used for it.

Well, we just made your work of shortlisting options to learn from a lot easier by enlisting some of the best iOS Development courses on Udemy just for you.

1. iOS 13 and Swift 5 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

iOS development could be difficult to understand but not with this Udemy course. You will start the learning procedure with Swift Programming, and be able to get through it even if you have zero interaction with programming. It will help you walk through all the in’s and out’s of iOS Application Development with the help of lectures, study material, and different projects.

What you will learn:

  • Be able to build any app you want
  • Start your own app based business
  • Learn to work with Apple’s latest SwiftUI Framework
  • Learn creating Augmented Reality based apps using ARKit
  • Create apps that use Machine Learning using CoreML
  • Learn app design so you’ll know how to wire-frame, mock-up and prototype your app idea
  • Marketing so you can publish your apps and generate revenue through downloads

2. The Complete iOS 10 and Swift 3 Developer Course

This Udemy course offers you the best and latest content available to help you learn iOS Development starting as a beginner to professionals. You will learn some of the amazing animation and GUI concepts using some advanced features of the SwiftUI framework to build gaming applications. By the end of this course, you will be able to build different iOS Applications on your own using Swift programming.

What you will learn:

  • Learn XCode and Interface Builder With Swift
  • Learn how to take Inputs, make Buttons, and create Reactive Interfaces
  • Build understanding to concepts like Navigation, Storage, and Live Content
  • Learn embedding Images, Maps, Music, and Accelerometers
  • Learn accessing Core Data and embedding JSON
  • Learn Online Storage With Parse
  • Create Instagram and Snapchat Clones
  • Learn how to submit you applications to App Store Submission
  • Making a Marketing Website For Your App

3. iOS 10 and Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional

This Udemy course is designed to take you down a guided learning path by teaching you different aspects and numerous frameworks of Swift to help you design different iOS Applications. If you are an absolute beginner to iOS application development then taking this course will help you from the very basic to building a fully functioning application. by the end of this course, you will be having remarkable iOS Development skills.

What you will learn:

  • Submit apps to the app store
  • Understand programming and basic algorithms
  • Work fluently with Swift 3 and iOS 10
  • Apply to iOS development jobs

4. iOS 12 and Swift 5 – App Design, UI/ UX plus Development

This Udemy course is a three in one course aimed at helping you create excellent application designs, UI/UX development, and iOS app development from absolute beginner to the advanced professional level. This is the perfect package for those who want to design and code an iOS application and deliver amazing user experience and application design.

What you will learn:

  • Design app assets, icons and logos from scratch.
  • Design wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
  • Build iOS applications and publish them on app store.
  • Build animation and motion design to make interactive applications.
  • Be an UI/UX designer and iOS developer.
  • Understand the principles behind application design.
  • Learn to custom UI components and manipulate the same.

5. The Complete iOS 11 Development Course: Swift4 and Xcode9

This Udemy course is designed for the absolute beginners with a motive to nurture as many skills as possible to deliver an excellent iOS Developer. It will teach you all the basics and advanced concepts of iOS Development by making several applications. It will start with the basics of Swift 4, Apple’s latest programming language, and making you practice by building different applications along the way.

What you will learn:

  • Table Views (Shopping List) 
  • Maps and Navigation (Junkies) 
  • APIs and JSON Parsing (Weather App) 
  • Game Development (Brick Breaker) 
  • CoreML (Image Recognizer) 
  • Firebase (To Do List) 

6. Swift UI Masterclass: iOS 14 App Development with Swift 5

This Udemy course is a complete iOS application development course with the latest SwiftUI 2.0 is designed to teach you how to become from a total beginner to an advanced iOS and macOS app development using Apple’s native user interface framework. It will help you develop an understanding of all the concepts one by one through developing 6 different applications.

What you will learn:

  • Understand UI Framework with SwiftUI Development
  • Learn macOS desktop app development
  • Learn Swift 5.3 programming language
  • Learn some of the most Essential iOS Development Skill
  • Basic mobile application design and prototyping skills
  • Learn how to save and load data with Core Data
  • Create custom user interfaces with SwiftUI
  • Gorgeous in-app interactions and animations
  • Test-driven iOS iPhone and iPad OS app development
  • Xcode 12 tips and tricks for iOS Developers
  • Loading external JSON data with using Web APIs

7. iOS Development – Create 4 Quiz Apps with Swift 3 and iOS 10

This Udemy course you will begin with Swift programming. You will learn to design the UI using the SwiftUI and Xcore framework. It will help you learn through building different projects and provide you with the project files with the entire source code after every lesson, along with all of the resources, such as images and sounds that we use.

What you will learn:

  • How to create 4 different Quiz Games
  • How to do auto layout in code
  • How to do animations by animating a countdown timer
  • How to save data in User Defaults (such as our scores)
  • Learn how to handle User Input via keyboard
  • Create resource property lists
  • Create a custom AlertView that fits the application
  • Learn how to implement sound into the app

8. iOS 12 Swift 4.2 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

This Udemy course will teach you everything that you are looking forward to learning as an iOS developer. It is designed by keeping in mind that every learning is s beginner irrespective of the prior skill set you have, to maintain a detailed learning pace for each and every student. It will help you set a very firm grip over all the development concepts with the help of guided projects and you can reach out to the instructor whenever you feel stuck with any part of it.

What you will learn:

  • Be able to build any app you want
  • Start your own app based business
  • Master creating Augmented Reality apps using Apple’s new ARKit
  • Create Machine Learning based applications using CoreML and CreateML
  • Learn how to design an application
  • Learn how to build wireframe, mockup and prototype
  • Learn app marketing to publish and generate downloads of your application

9. iOS 12: Learn to Code and Build Real iOS 12 Apps in Swift 4.2

This Udemy course is super accessible to beginners, so don’t worry if you don’t have any programming experience. You will start with object oriented programming in Swift moving forward with building Machine Learning and Augmented reality based applications using Xcore, CoreML, and ARKit frameworks. there are several guided projects in this course to help you out with the development procedure.

What you will learn:

  • Build full-scale iOS 12 apps
  • Become a Swift 4 programmer
  • Submit your app to the App Store
  • Develop Augmented Reality apps using the newest ARKit 2 framework
  • Develop CoreML 2 apps
  • Learn how to build apps with Firebase
  • Learn basic to intermediate iOS development

10. The Ultimate iOS 10, Xcode 8 Developer course. Build 30 apps

This Udemy course will introduce with all the concepts of Swift and Virtuoso Programming. You will also learn to design a good looking application from the very beginning with the help of Xcode, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. You will be able to implement all the concepts you will learn during this course in 30 different real time guided projects included in this course.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to Code in Swift 3.0
  • Design applications using Xcode, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop
  • Build apps quickly from start to finish
  • Become a virtuoso programmer

Future thoughts

iOS was initiated and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware products like iPhone, iPad, etc. Applications for iOS are developed only in iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) in combination with Xcode written in Swift or Objective C. It is a costly platform so not everyone can afford it which makes it even tougher to breach into offering minimal security threats.

There is a wide range of aspirant developers working on iOS application development and much generating revenue from the same. If you want to develop your iOS based application and earn from the same then today is the best day for you to start learning it.

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