What are the Best Hadoop Courses on Udemy?

Are you looking for the best Hadoop courses on Udemy? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have reviewed the 10 best Hadoop courses on Udemy. Equipping yourself with the Hadoop courses enables you to adapt to the advanced work culture and get familiar with the multiple components of the ecosystem.

Hadoop courses can be an excellent approach for data management glitches persistent in the IT sector mainly. The crux of these courses is learning about data storage in a decentralized manner and getting a knack for computing big data analytics.

Seeking the course certification from Udemy adds extra value to the practical knowledge and usability of the concepts taught here. It’s time to take a glance at the compiled list of top Hadoop courses available at Udemy for aspirants.

Top 10 Best Hadoop Courses on Udemy

1. Learn Big Data: the Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass

Learn Big Data The Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass

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This advanced Hadoop course can help you familiarize big data processing with real-time stats. It also highlights the technology used for the Hadoop stack and apt installation and configuration of HDP ( Hortonworks Data Platform). Determined aspirants can learn about extensive data management in the Hadoop ecosystem, which could yield them a tentative payout of $112,000/year in the US.

A well-designed course is suitable for database administrators, software engineers, and system administrators to be a pro in IT with adaptation to modern concepts. Batch and real-time processing are vital aspects of the Big Data industry, and getting acquainted with them could fetch the best jobs in the world with top brands and companies. 6 hours of practical learning in the course could open your mind to the new advent of technological transition.

2. The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop: Tame your Big Data!

The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop Tame your Big Data!

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This course highlights the designed distributed systems related to big data that optimize Hadoop and other relevant technologies. You will learn about the usage of MapReduce and HDFS to collect and assess the data on a scale. Introduction of Spark and Pig concepts enable script creation for data processing at the Hadoop cluster. A simplified understanding of relational data management with Hive or MySQL and non-relational data management with HBase, MongoDB, or Cassandra.

Further, the course aids in getting acquainted with the Hadoop clusters handled by Zookeeper, Mesos, Hue, YARN, Mesos, and Oozie. Aspirants can learn about data publishing to the Hadoop cluster with Sqoop, Kafka, and Flume. The course tutors simplify the complex subjects to help aspirants learn about big data management through MapReduce and HDFS. This course is all about application development that upskills you on big data with a few lecture hours.

3. Hive to ADVANCE Hive (Real Time Usage) : Hadoop Querying Tool

Hive to ADVANCE Hive (Real time usage) Hadoop querying tool

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This Hive to ADVANCE Hive gives an insight into basic and advanced levels of Apache Hive. It can prove helpful in real-time projects to arrange massive datasets and manage rightful distribution. Course curriculum might be subject to regular updates with new topics as per the requirements. Learners would get familiar with Apache Hive, the crucial data processing tool of Hadoop; knowledge of Hive helps programmers to assess the data sets on Hadoop.

Getting enrolled for this course deepens your knowledge on basic and Advanced HIVE to familiarize yourself with table properties related to Hive, map or bucketed join, custom input formatter, configuration settings, compression techniques, loading unstructured data, and working on multiple tables over HIVE.

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4. Taming Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop – Hands On!

Taming Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop - Hands On!

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Created by the collective efforts of the Sundog Education Team and Frank Kane, this Hadoop course acquaints you with the utility of MapReduce for the analysis of big data sets. Aspirants can learn to work with MapReduce Jobs over the Hadoop clusters and discover solutions even for the most complicated issues. It is also possible to recognize other Hadoop-based technologies such as the Pig, Hive, and Spark.

Getting notch on the fundamentals of Hadoop and MapReduce could leverage you with big data analysis and help manage a complete Windows system right from the comfort of your home. Becoming a pro in data analysis and handling MapReduce issues is an integral part of the computing services. The course also gives hand on information related to developing and running the code on the cloud with Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce services.

5. Hadoop Developer in Real World

Hadoop Developer In Real World

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This course poses a solution to the eternal big data concerns and simplifies it with the right navigation through Hadoop clusters. Along with getting acquainted with discrete phases of MapReduce, aspirants can also learn about complicated data analysis. It can also aid in optimizing Hive queries for an overall data analysis through nested datasets. Course design also makes you familiar with the AVRO and SequenceFile formats.

After completing the certification for this Hadoop course, students can work on MapReduce jobs and solve trivial queries related to the Hadoop ecosystem on the whole. Anyone having a basic hang of Java knowledge and Linux commands can start their learning journey with this course. If you aspire to be a full-fledged Hadoop developer, this course compiles all concepts and facts related to big data management in the real world.

6. Learn by Example: Hadoop, MapReduce for Big Data problems

Learn By Example Hadoop, MapReduce for Big Data problems

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If processing big data is a major glitch in your work field, switch to this advanced Hadoop course that consists of MapReduce applications and aids in developing the tact of ‘Thinking Parallel.’ Aspirants can develop their mini clusters, whether it’s a physical one or a single node. Trivial issues like NLP and inverted indices can also get sorted through this platform.

After mining across billions of data rows, professionals can impart their practical experiences working on Hadoop and MapReduce. Top concepts included in the study are Zoom-in and Zoom-out, Hands-on workout using Hadoop, MapReduce, and the art of thinking parallel. Analysts, engineers, and data scientists who desire to bag some data processing tricks often opt for this course.

7. Big Data and Hadoop for Absolute Beginners

Big Data And Hadoop For Absolute Beginners

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Amateur to big data processing? No worries, the comprehensive beginner course is here to give you information about the Hadoop cluster from Scratch. After getting acquainted with the key aspects of Hadoop and Big Data, you could efficiently manage the Hadoop cluster at your workplace. It also incorporates the knowledge about writing the MapReduce programs.

If Hadoop concepts roll off your mind, enroll for this course and join the legacy of 5000+ students who availed certification and relevant benefits of this course. Career growth in the IT sector demands timely upgrades and Hadoop or Big Data are the most sought-after software tools these days. This course can leverage you with diverse terminologies like the secondary NameNode, DataNode, TaskTracker, and the JobTracker.

8. Java Parallel Computation on Hadoop

Java Parallel Computation On Hadoop

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Enthusiastic about creating data-driven Java programs that can run on other machines with Hadoop? If yes, get sufficient data on setting up of Hadoop cluster under the pseudo-distributed mode with this course certification. You can also get a knack for parallelized computation on Hadoop tools for faster and apt Java programming.

This introductory course is helpful to anyone having some basic hang on Java programming and is willing to work under the Hadoop structure. Crucial concepts covered in this course are HDFS working mechanism, MapReduce mechanism, and in-depth anatomy related to the Hadoop cluster. All modules under this course are backed with an ideology of automated software handling under this framework.

9. Hadoop Administration: an Easy Way to Become a Hadoop Admin

Hadoop Administration An Easy Way To Become A Hadoop Admin

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Mark your transition from a beginner to a Hadoop administrator with this advanced Udemy course. Learn to develop single-node clusters on the VM-Ware and multi-node clusters over the AWS platform. Get familiar with decommissioning and commissioning of machines and take back up through the Distcp command from your cluster. Other concepts covered in this course are enabling the capacity scheduler and NameNode on its cluster.

Aspirants can also learn to install this tool with Cloudera Manager and other administrative tasks. Having a basic knowledge of Linux Commands could be an advantage to get a thorough grasp of the concepts here. There are multiple modules in which the course is divided, such as an overview of Hadoop administration, Hadoop architecture and MapReduce, Cluster Planning and administration, managing resources, and scheduling and HDFS Federation.

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10. Master Apache Hadoop – Infinite Skills Hadoop Training

Master Apache Hadoop - Infinite Skills Hadoop Training

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Acing the Apache Hadoop is possible with this exemplary course as it gives complete knowledge of the relevant ecosystem. Course study includes infinite skills that train you about the tools and functions required for managing open-source software frameworks. Beginners can opt for this course to learn about HDFS, access controls. Secondary name node and even debugging basics. Other course topics include pig and hive basics, MapReduce, and impala fundamentals.

The course enables you to master the tools and functions essential to running Hadoop. Several working files teach troubleshooting the glitches in Big Data processing with this pro tool. Expert tutors give practical examples to understand the subject matter thoroughly. Server Admins and web developers are the ones who can yield maximum benefit with this udemy course online. Anyone aspiring to grab a good job in software must enroll here at the quickest possible.

Final Words

Eager to give your career a rocket start? The significance and demand of Hadoop developers are on the rise today as industries such as retail, e-commerce, and IT are adapting this framework rapidly. Solidify your career growth with the Hadoop certification as it solves all puzzles related to big data application and storage.

Honing yourself with Hadoop could efficiently help you manage the data computing tasks in any organization. We hope this article about the best Hadoop courses on Udemy is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it helpful for you in any manner.

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