What are the Best Big Data Courses on Udemy?

Are you looking for the best Big Data courses on Udemy? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we have shared the 10 best Big Data courses on one of the best and leading course selling websites Udemy. Big Data technology is gaining grip in the market with the rise in the investments and expenses on various technological projects by different companies and governments.

Moreover, the growing adoption of this technology for cybersecurity, implementation of the internet of things, and 5G infrastructures are likely to drive the growth of the market. The demand for Big Data professionals is just starting, and the number of job postings related to the field has increased substantially!

Learning Big Data will prove to be a fun and rewarding investment in your career.  Even if you don’t intend to make a career in Big Data, these skills are helpful and highly practical on a day-to-day basis. There are several courses on Udemy, a comprehensive platform that offers various courses on Big Data that will apply Big Data techniques into your professional reports and decision making. We have created a list of the top 10 best Big Data courses for you. Let’s jump right in!

Top 10 Best Big Data Courses On Udemy

1. The Ultimate Hands On Hadoop – Tame Your Big Data!

This course, covering over 25 different technologies in over 14 hours of video lectures, is the best-selling course on Big Data on Udemy. You will get to handle streaming data in real-time using Kafka, Flume, Spark Streaming Flink, and Storm. And also analyze data relational data using Hive and MySQL.

It was created by Frank Kane, who has spent nine years at Amazon and IMDb managing technology. The videos, seven articles, and two downloadable resources will be accessible to the students for life, along with the provision of a certificate of completion of the course. It also has received an average rating of 4.6 from over 144,060 students!

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2. Taming Big Data With Apache Spark And Python – Hands On!

This Big Data course on Udemy uses Python programming language. Learn the techniques to quickly extract meaning from massive data using Spark using your own Windows system, right at home! You will also get to understand scaling up to larger data sets using Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce service. Concept of Spark’s DataFrames and Resilient Distributed Datastores.

In this course by Frank Kane, you’ll spend most of your time following along with him as he writes, analyzes, and runs real code together – both on your own system and in the cloud using Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce service. It also comes with seven hours-long videos, 26 downloadable resources, and three articles accessible to the students lifelong.

3. Apache Spark With Scala – Hands On With Big Data!

This course on Udemy will teach you to frame Big Data analysis problems as Apache Sparks Scripts and process continuous streams of data using Spark Streaming. You will also get to understand how to build, deploy and run Spark scripts on Hadoop clusters. It will help you to explore the hottest technology in Big Data!

About 69 lectures have been incorporated in this course by Frank Kane again. The nine hours-long video and three articles will help you master the art of framing data analysis problems as Spark problems through over 20 hands-on examples. You will also be provided a certificate of completion, and by the end of the course, you will run codes that analyze gigabytes in minutes!

4. Learn Big Data  – Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass

Aimed for software engineers, database administrators, and system administrators who want to learn about Big Data, this course on Udemy teaches its concepts in the Hadoop ecosystem. This course will give you several backgrounds to be able to talk about real problems and solutions with experts in the industry using batch processing as well as real-time processing.

Edward Viaene is the creator of this course on Udemy that covers a total of 98 lectures in a six hours-long on-demand video, one article, and one downloadable resource to assist you further. The course is very practical, and if you get stuck, the instructor answers your queries on the message board!

5. Big Data For Managers

Lead a Big Data project on your own confidently by taking up this course on Udemy. This course will cover the terminologies like the 3 V’s of Big Data and the key characteristics as well. Learn to identify various Big Data solution stages, from Big Data ingestion to Big Data visualization and security, and choose the right tool for each stage of the Big Data solution.

Created by Ganapati Devappa, this course has benefitted students from over fifty countries so far. It comes with a 9.5 hours-long video, ten downloadable resources, and nine articles that will help you practice the 5 P’s methodology of data science projects to manage Big Data and explore more than 20 tools and understand where to use them and why! A certificate of completion will also be provided.

6. Big Data Hadoop And Spark Project For Absolute Beginners

Learn to code Spark Scala & PySpark like a real-world developer and understand real-world coding best practices, logging, error handling, and configuration management using both Scala and Python in this course on Udemy. This course will prepare you to leverage free cloud clusters and solve real-world use cases as well.

About 113 lectures have been provided in the 9.5 hours-long videos in this course designed by FutureX Skill. It also comes with 82 downloadable resources and five articles to help you learn about Big Data science better, and a certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course.

7. Spark And Python For Big Data With PySpark

Get well acquainted with the latest Spark Technologies, like Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, and advanced models like Gradient Boosted Trees in this course on Udemy. Spark is the newest Big Data technology, and this course will help you learn it with one of the most popular programming languages- Python!

The exercises and Mock Consulting Projects will put you right into a real-world situation where you need to use your new skills to solve a real problem! Jose Portilla has covered 67 lectures in a 10.5 hours-long video in this course. He has also provided four articles and downloadable resources, and a LinkedIn certificate of completion.

8. Taming Big Data With MapReduce And Hadoop – Hands On!

Two technologies fundamental to Big Data- MapReduce and Hadoop are what this course in Udemy masters! You will be translating complex analysis problems into multi-staged Map-Reduced. Understanding the concept of key-value pairs is the cornerstone to be able to understand processing Big Data in a distributed fashion, which is what this course helps you understand.

Around 5 hours of video content is included, with over ten real examples of increasing complexity you can build, run and study yourself. Four articles, 12 downloadable resources, and the provision of a certificate of completion are also included in this course by Frank Kane. The course finishes with a brush-up on other Hadoop-based technologies, including Hive, Pig, and the very hot Spark framework – complete with a working example in Spark.

9. Master Big Data – Apache Spark/Hadoop/Sqoop/Hive/ Flume

Another best-selling Big Data course on Udemy helps you learn the distributed file system and most common Hadoop commands required. It covers the concepts of Big Data in detail and gives a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Big Data to practices of each Big Data component. It will take you through the essential topics to the advanced ones, gradually making it easy for the students to understand the concepts better.

Created by Navdeep Kaur, this course has a total of 88 lectures covered in 8.5 hours-long on-demand videos, three articles, and 18 downloadable resources that remains accessible to students lifelong. The exercises and assignments after the end of every topic will help you keep a check on your progress. This course will also provide a certificate of completion at the end and has an average rating of 4.6 on Udemy!

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10. Apache Beam – A Hands-On Course To Build Big Data Pipelines

Data engineers who want to prepare unified & portable Big Data processing pipelines and developers who want to learn a futuristic programming model can enroll in this course on Udemy. The future of building Big Data pipelines is Apache Beam, and it is going to be accepted by mass companies due to its portability.

From scratch to real-life implementation, each and every concept of Apache Beam has been covered in this course, created by J Garg, explained with hands-on examples on the topics. The course has a total of 63 lectures in the lifelong accessible 5.5 hours-long video along with 35 downloadable resources and two articles.


Big Data professionals are not just restricted to working in a few industries, but their contributions are for various domains like finance, manufacturing, information technology, communications, retail, logistics, and automobiles. The list still is incomplete! According to estimates, the data will further grow to zettabytes in 2025. 

In general, the domain of Big Data Analytics is full of unsolved problems and puzzles to solve, which can greatly enhance your analytical skills and reasoning. Learning Big Data can be your best investment and can reward you with skills that you require not only working for big data but in your day-to-day life. Udemy has some fantastic courses on big data that you can take up and enhance your skills to make yourself attractive to potential employers.

All the courses mentioned in this list of the top 10 best big data courses on Udemy are amongst the best with excellent reviews and have been given the best ratings as well.  The instructors of each course are professionals in the field. We hope this article about best Big Data courses on Udemy is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media, if you found it helpful for you in any manner.  

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